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SEIREIKAI KARATE; is authentic Japanese fighting karate specialized in practical self-protection tactics and semi and full-contact karate competition such as kyokushin, enshin, and kickboxing. The practice of traditional and modern forms (Kata) and traditional Japanese weapons are taught. Building confidence, self esteem, motivation and a healthy life style.

LITTLE LIONS KARATE: Karate for ages 4-6 emphasis on the development of balance, motor skills, and focus. Learning to have fun and strengthen the body. Assisting in the development of personal interaction and communication with others in the same age group.

FAMILY 2 FAMILY CLASS: Karate for different families to practice along side other families. Families practicing karate together and creating friendship and improving community relations. Refreshments are provided after after session for discussions or just to chat with each other.Strong Karate makes for a Strong Family.

SEIREI-HA KOBUJUTSU (Weapons): Weapons play a large part in the Japanese martial arts as well as the culture. The class is based and inspired by the teachings of Sosai Oyama, Soshu S. Oyama and Saiko-Shihan Y. Oyama, and Kancho T. Nakamura. The class was created as a separate class for the enthusiast who would like to explore the world of Japanese weaponry. Seirei-Ha Bukijutsu can be a stand alone martial art or a supplement to your current martial arts study.

KATA CLASS (FORMS): This class specializes in the practice and perfection of Kata (Forms). Learning presentation, performance, and applications (Bunkai), and movements of kata. Then kata class will enhance your karate techniques and give you a complete understanding of the movements.

KUMITE CLASS (SPARRING/CONDITIONING): This class focuses on the training and preparation of full-contact competition and all aspects of real fighting. Exploring knock-down competition, kickboxing, Japanese style mma. The training consists of sparring in many types of rule sets and aspects of full-contact fighting. Sparring and strategies to enhance your fighting techniques and conditioning for physical strengthening and endurance. Heavy bag and target pad work to enhance your striking and coordination.

TAIKYOKU-KEN (太極拳) : Taikyoku-Ken is a Japanese form that has its origin in the Chinese martial arts of "Yi quan or Tai Chi". The name Taikyoku (太極) means "Grand Ultimate" and the meaning of Ken (拳) is "Fist". Characteristics of Taikyoku-ken are very similar to the movements of Tai Chi and like Tai Chi there are many health benefits gained through the practice of Taikyoku-Ken such as respiratory & vascular circulation, concentration, meditation, awareness, as well as practicality of movement and a form of self-defense. All age groups can benefit from this class.

JAPANESE KICKBOXING (DROP-IN OPTION): This is the Kurosaki method of Kickboxing. A combination of Kyokushin karate, Thai Boxing, and western Boxing. This is the beginning and start of the famous K-1. The style was very popular in Japan and became extremely popular in the Netherlands. The training consist of stretching, fight conditioning and drills, heavy bag training and strike pads, and sparring. This class will challenge your mind and body to reach your goals in weight loss, toning, and get you in competition shape.



630 PM: (Ages - 7 to Adult)


530 PM: LITTLE LIONS (Ages 4 to 6)