SEIREIKAI KARATE is Japanese karate taught by full-contact kyokushin karate fighter Shihan Benalio Padron. The style incorporates throws and grappling which is an extension of our karate style. We teach a complete curriculum concentrating on practical self-defense as well as semi contact to full knockdown competitions. Our training is to improve the body, mind, spirit, and personal improvement. We are dedicated in assisting you in your development of self-confidence, physical strength, and defensive skills. Students learn at their own pace in a safe and controlled environment. A few productive classes a week is all it takes for you to improve your skills and to have a healthier and happier lifestyle. Classes for all age groups and fitness levels.

戦闘 SENTOu (Japanese mma / submission karate)

SENTO : means combat and those who practice the art are called SENSHI. It is a martial art formerly called KENKATO but since then it has been revised and reintroduced as SENTO. The has been at times referred to as MMA karate or submission karate. The style is a fusion of martial arts styles consisting of karate, boxing, judo, & wrestling creating a fighting style for competition as well as self-defense. Sento practicianers wear judo style uniforms for practice and competition. Uniforms are not always worn during training sessions, sometimes the practicioners wear compression or rash-guards. During the sparring sessions and cometitions the combatants wear protective gear and helmets. An exciting sport and self-defense system.

Classes now forming. Call or email for more info.

LITTLE LIONS kids KARATE (Fun-damentals)

This course was created for the youngsters in your family ages 3 to 7. Student lear the foundations of Seireikai Karate. Learning body mechanics and balance, coordination, listening skills, and etiquette of the dojo. Students also learn the tools of de-escalation to avoid bully confrontations and how to stand-up for themselves. Later your child is introduced to basic (child appropriate) techniques of karate, preparing the student for rank advancement learning kata for muscle memory. The program utilizes positive reinforcement tools to encourage young students to achieve their goals (e.g. awards, public recognition, karate games, etc). Teaching the Virtues of the Samurai Warrior, learning Integrity, Respect, Honor, Honesty, & Loyalty. Emphasis on physical strength and coordination under close supervision and proper protective equipment, minimal contact, and added fun, children will learn defensive movements and combinations. Come join our team. Classes are now forming.


other programs

KObu-JUtsu & KEN-JUTSU (WEAPONS class)

KENJUTSU & KOBUJUTSU is our customized innovative weapons class of Okinawan/Japanese weaponry. The class is conducted in the Japanese budo traditions. You will learn the weapon styles that were introduced and influenced by Soshu S. Oyama and Saiko-Shihan Y. Oyama. Expand your martial arts knowledge in the aspects of Japanese weaponry. The weapons of practice are as follows; Bo staff, Tonfa, Sai, Nunchaku, Tanbo (short sticks).

We also offer a Katana class; Arashi-ha Itto-Ryu Kenjutsu based on traditional Sakurai-ha Itto-ryu. The starts with the basic skills of the Bokken and leading into Katana (Japanese sword). All classes are supervised by Kancho Leo Padron.

***Current students must contact the Honbu (Padron Dojo) for more info.

(614) 655-6646