SEIREI KARATE (Authentic Japanese fighting karate)

This demonstrates that you are ready for budo karate training for yourself, your chldren, or the whole family. We are a school of traditional Japanese fighting karate offering a complete curriculum for self-defense, full-contact competition training, and personal improvement. The aim of our training is to improve the body, mind, and spirit. We are dedicated in helping to develop confidence, physical strength, and acquiring self-defense skills through Seirei Karate training. Seirei Karate is essentially based on Kyokushin and Oyama karate, fused with Judo techniques creating a formidable, practical and effective defensive fighting system. Our training enables one to exercise and learn at their own pace in a safe and controlled environment. Lessons for age groups 6 to adult and all skill sets. Lessons include warm-up, Stretching, Body Conditioning, Punching & Kicking, Sparring (contact & non-contact), and Self-defense. A few productive classes a week is all it takes for you to improve your outlook and to have a healthier and happier lifestyle.

LITTLE LION kids KARATE (Fun-damentals)

This course was created for the youngsters in your family, ages 4 to 6 years. Your younger student will be learning the foundations of Seirei Karate. Learning skills for progression on to the Young Lions class. Your child will be learning body mechanics and balance, coordination, listening skills, and etiquette of the dojo. Later your child is introduced to basic (child appropriate) techniques of karate, preparing the student for rank advancement and competition. The program utilizes positive reinforcement tools to encourage young students to achieve their goals (e.g.awards, public recognition, karate games, etc). Teaching the Virtues of the Samurai Warrior, learning Integrity, Respect, Honor, Honesty, & Loyalty. Emphasis on physical conditioning and coordination, your child will be trained as an athlete. Under close supervision and proper protective equipment, minimal contact, and added fun, children will learn defensive movements and combinations.

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seirei-ha bukiJUTSU (WEAPONS training)

SEIREI-HA BUKIJUTSU (OYAMARYU) is our customized innovative weapons class of Okinawan/Japanese weaponry. The name means Oyama school of weapons. The class is conducted in the Japanese budo traditions and is rich in the Japanese culture. You will learn the weapon styles that were influenced by Soshu Shigeru Oyama and Saiko-Shihan Yasuhiko Oyama.

The class was created for individuals and martial arts students wishing to learn and expand their martial arts knowledge in other aspects of Japanese martial arts within the Seiriei-ha Bukijutsu style of weapons. The weapons of practice are as follows; Bo staff, Tonfa, Sai, Nunchaku, Tanbo (short sticks), and Katana (Japanese sword). Students also learn how to turn any tool or item into a weapon (Improvised weapons; Teni-jitsu or Tenouchi) at their disposal. This class is perhaps one of the most important and we encourage our members to take this training very seriously. Certification of weapons mastery will be given under the direct authority of the World Seireikaikan Karatedo Organization and the Independent Budo Karate Union.

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other programs

実戦 shinken class 真剣 (FULL-CONTACT FIGHT CLASS)拳 闘

Jissen Shinken is class for students who wish to strengthen their fight skills and prepare for full-contact competition. This unique class consist of Kicking, striking, and throwing drills, body conditioning, weight training, and sparring with or without sparring gear. Techniques learned in this class are also for the full contact tournament Kentou Jissen Challenge.

**Strictly for those interested full-contact karate. This is not for point style training.

TAIKYOKU-KEN (太極拳) - coming soon