tuition & agreements


  1. AGREEMENT OF TUITION: Upon signing the Tuition Agreement, it shall be honored through the end date designated within the signed agreement. As such, no automated changes of tuition fees will occur, tuition fees will not be increased while the signed agreement is in effect. Upon the end of that agreement, the student will schedule an appointment with the PDKF Finance Officer where we will review and choose the best new payment packages to suit the student and the dojo.

  2. AUTO-PAYMENT OPTION: With auto-payments, Padron Dojo Karate & Fitness will automatically charge the tuition fee at the agreed upon rate plus a processing fee to the credit card or bank account on file. This transaction will be processed safely and securely through our online system on the Tuition Due Date. If you do not wish to have your payment automatically withdrawn for a specific month, you are free to bring in the cash payment prior to your target withdrawal date.

  3. IN-HOUSE PAYMENT OPTION: The In-house transaction will be processed in the dojo with the Finance Officer. The In-House tuition payment option will be charged the amount that is stated on the tuition agreement at initial signing. The in-house payment option is offered as a convenience to families when a credit card is not available. Students must keep their accounts current to secure their place in the dojo to attend classes.

  4. MISSED CLASS/ABSENTEE POLICY - VIRTUAL DOJO LESSONS & SYLLABUS: Your tuition fee covers all of your classes during the scheduled sessions. Payments must be paid in full regardless of the number of classes attended. Students expecting to be absent from the dojo can refer to the Virtual Dojo Lessons & Syllabus for self practice. Padron Dojo also has a weekly Virtual ZOOM Class whereas the students are able to interact with the instructors from home or from their vacation destination so that there is no reason for missed classes.

  5. REFUNDS & PAYMENTS: There are no refunds after the student has started classes. Refunds on the auto-payment can only be made if no classes have been taken and are subject to a $45 processing fee. The first monthly payment must be paid in full no later than two weeks after registration. All payments are due before the 20th of each month. Failure to receive payment will result in your student not being able to attend classes until payment is received. All payments not received by the 20th of each month are subject to a flat $10 late fee for each month of being late.


  • A 30 Day Notice plus the full amount of last month of tuition are required.

  • Must be current on all past due tuition fees.

  • Any program cancellations must be handled in person or email padrondojo@gmail.com (PHONE OR TEXT CANCELLATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED).

  • Upon cancellation the student will maintain their last rank attained but will be subject to losing all other discounted privileges until all fees and membership are re-instated.

  • We want to be fair and treat students like family. If you skip on your commitment, your contract agreement will stay active and accumulate tuition fees.


If the student returns to Padron Dojo Seireikai Karate & Fitness after cancellation of membership, the student will need to enter into a new agreement and must re-register as a new student but will remain at the most current rank achieved at time of cancellation.

Students who return after skipping on the previous cancellation commitment will be asked to pay new registration along with first and last month tuition fees.

Note: If you just skip on your obligation, we will consider you as no-pay. After 90 days your contract agreement will be due in full, sent to an outside agency for collections and can reflect on your credit. All legal fees, late fees and collection fees required to enforce your contract agreement will then become your responsibility. We would rather handle these types of situations in-house and in a positive family way, so please visit the dojo and speak with the Finance Officer if you need to make payment arrangements.

For any questions or concerns please contact the Finance Officer, Ms. Parker.