AUTHENTIC JAPANESE fighting karate


Our Mission is to provide excellent, authentic traditional Japanese karate instruction. Our school is a family oriented and deeply connected to the surrounding areas through our relationships with local schools, recreation centers and residents. We aim to empower individuals, to discover themselves through the practice of full-contact karate, down from our mentors to provide training in a rich environment that is innovative and inspiring, integrating old and modern training ideas. We aim to build self esteem and confidence within our students to become contributing individuals in their communities. Osu!

about our classes

Classes are structured for ages 3 to adult and for all skill and fitness levels. The training that you and your family will receive from Kancho-Shihan Padron and his staff will enable you to gain self-confidence and self-esteem through karate training.

Learn to defend yourself with skills to avoid confrontation and self defense skills to protect yourself against attackers. Gain confidence, coordination, agility, balance, speed, flexibility and strength, and stamina while burning calories through the physical training of karate.

Under the guidance of an experienced instructor, you will be taught the basic to advanced techniques of full-contact karate to achieve your goals physically and mentally to propel and improve your life style and increase your physical skill level as you learn to challenge yourself and reach beyond your limits to overcome obstacles.

Contact us to schedule for a free week of trial classes or to observe our training in this exciting martial art or any of our other programs. We look forward to training with you!


SEIREIKAI (Pronunciation; Say-Ray-Ky)

- SEI: Refined Strength, Energy

- REI: Strive, Endeavor

- KAI: Organization or Association "School of Energetic Spirit, Devotion & Strife."

Seireikai Karate Kyokushin is authentic Japanese karate that incorporates Judo techniques creating a unique and practical self-defense system as well as a full-contact competition style. Seireikai Kyokushin Karate is a discipline that concentrates heavily on mental strengthening and physical conditioning.

The training consists of the learned and tried experiences of Kancho Padron, whom has trained under the leading kyokushin masters in the U.S. and Japan and he truly believes in the full meaning of the Ultimate Truth and the way of karate. Kancho Padron has maintained his passion for karate and the fundamental elements of his mentors, which shows through his teachings of Seireikai Karate Kyokushin.

our logo: the zen-ken/seiken

The ZEN-KEN/SEIKEN; The logo is a very important symbol to our organization. It is worn on the left sleeve of the members. The symbol represents what our karate has become today.

#1 The GLOBE represents that martial arts is for everyone, without biasness and prejudice .

#2 The SEIKEN (Fist) thrusts forward, representing an empty hand prepared for battle in the fight for justice. Each finger of the fist represents the four disciplines that embody the Seireikai karate system (Kyokushin, Oyama Karate, Shotokan, and Kudo.

#3 The GLOBE & Seiken are encircled by a red “ENZO” (Zen circle), symbolizing continuity of movement and mind. The ENZO is a also a symbol of yielding to the Fist, a reminder to the practitioner to keep from misguided actions through the martial arts.

#4 The KANJI that is on the sides of the symbol says "LION", this is the spirit of Kancho-Shihan Padron, the President and founder of our discipline.