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Karate-Gi Uniforms

Uniforms include pants, jacket, and belt. Jacket features all required logos and is Kyokushin approved. Three styles of choice.

Kenjutsu Equipment

Best deal for kenjutsu & iaijutsu practicioners.

Set includes :

Hakama, Kenjutsu Gi, and Bokken w/Saya (practice sword)

                     KARATE                                                                                                        HAKAMA


Uniform size charts


Warning: These articles are sold only for collection purposes or for supervised training. PADRON DOJO is not responsible for any illegal or improper use of the items found on this website. Some weapons may be prohibited in your area. Please check state and local restrictions before ordering.

BO STAFFS: Available in 5 or 6 foot long Bo staffs  1 1/4 in. diameter. Made of natural colored hardwood.

FOAM CHUCK: with ball bearing swivel chain. Great for learning new skills. 8" or 12" handles. 

WOODEN NUNCHAKU: Octagonal hardwood with a reinforced nylon cord. 3/4" diameter offers a sure grip. Available in natural or black finish in both 9" or 11-1/2" lengths.

TONFA: Color, wood grain pattern, and texture may vary slightly due to the nature of wood. Our wooden weapons are economic quality at economic prices. Available in sizes 14", 20", and 24".

sparring gear

Fight Helmet

Specialized head gear for multi styled sparring for semi and full-contact matches. Leather Head gear equipped with face guard.

Fight Gear

This basic protective gear set will prepare you for sparring. Includes leather sparring gloves and shin/instep guards.

Karate Bag

Mesh Backpack was designed to be the best backpack for your gi and all of your workout gear. Features USA-SKO logos. Light weight and durable with ventilation to dry damp gear.  Great for travel secure dry storage gear.
Size : Width 15" X Height 19" X Side 7"

Martial Arts Sneakers

Lightweight yet durable; these sneakers are an inexpensive alternative to genuine leather shoes. Made of imitation leather. Includes a handy carrying bag.

tee sHIRTS

Style A

Style A - Original Padron Dojo tee-shirt series features the Seireikai kanji crest on chest and large S.K.O. logo on back. 

Style B

Style B - Original Padron Dojo tee-shirt series features the S.K.O. logo on chest and large Rising Sun on back.

Style C

Style C - Original Padron Dojo T-shirt series features the S.K.O. crest on the back neck line and large Rising Sun Image on front.