PRIVATE lessons


Padron Dojo offers Private lessons as well as specialty group and Corporate group classes at special rates. Contact us to arrange sessions with Kancho Padron. In these special sessions Kancho Padron will design a lesson plan that meets your individual and group needs. Some of the benefits of these specialty classes include:

  • Developing confidence for situational activities.
  • Street defensive tactics and active shooter strategies.
  • A tailored fitness & conditioning programs
  • Preparation for tournaments or examinations.
  • Improving one’s technique, forms, and sparring techniques.
  • Uniform with all 10-Pack commitments of private sessions.


1. Students under 18, an adult guardian must be present for the entire private lesson. 2. PDKF has a 24-hour cancellation policy. PDKF will charge the full amount of a private lesson cancelled within 24-hours. 3. Save 10% when you purchase a 10-pack of the same private lesson type. 4. Private lessons must be used within 90 days of the purchase date. Note: All current students can receive 1 free scheduled private session per month (call for details)

For more information, call us at 614.636.6598 or email us.


  • $35 for 30 minutes ($145 for 5-pack, $280 for 10-pack)
  • $45 for 60 minutes ($180 for 5-pack, $350 for 10-pack)
  • $85 for 60-minute semi-private 2 people
  • $100 for 60-minute semi-private 3 people
  • $130 for 60-minute semi-private 4 people
  • $300 for 60-minute class up to 10 people
  • $400 for 60-minute class up to 20 people (assistant included)

Private and Group lessons conducted by Chief Instructor.