MEDITATION & STRETCHING CLASS: At Padron Dojo each class begins and ends with meditation. During this meditation, the student learns to clear the mind of the trials and tribulations of everyday life and focus on karate training. With meditation, concentration can be heightened and one can devote his or her full energy to the class. Stretching is an essential component of any physical exercise to prevent injuries and to improve karate technique. Stretching is done at the beginning and end of each class. It is also encouraged that students stretch on a daily basis when not attending class.

KIHON KEIKO & IDO KEIKO: Kihon means Basics and Ido is Moving, Keiko is the Practice of or Training. In Kihon Keiko all students must learn their basic techniques no matter what rank they are. Training basics or foundations of karate, incorporating traditional stances with the fundamentals of punching and kicking techniques. Then learn the method of Ido Keiko to put into movement using the learned basics. In moving practice the students learn to combine footwork and striking, developing powerful movements.

KATA CLASS: Means formal exercise, sequences of movement that help the student combine techniques and helps the student acquire body control, learn to move with speed and power, and slow to fast movements. This class teaches how to study kata, how to perform and use the techniques as a defensive tactic in fighting situation.. The Kata helps with muscle and mental memory, acquiring strength, timing, reflex, and breathing to control stamina.

MITT TRAINING: Karate techniques are put into actual practice. The student develops speed, strength, and stamina by using a variety of striking techniques while developing focus on the strike pads.

NAGEWAZA & NEWAZA CLASS: This is where the students learn the judo techniques that are modified for karate application. Learning break falls, grappling, and throws and takedowns as a defensive counter against an assailant, utilizing the effective throws and grappling techniques. These types of techniques plays a big part in the Seireikai Karate Kyokushin style.

YAKUSOKU KUMITE & JIYU KUMITE CLASS: Yakusoku Kumite means the practice of prearranged fighting techniques. One student attacks while the other student defends and sometimes counter after blocking. In this practice each student knows what the other is going to do in each scenario. Jiyu Kumite is free sparring where the student can do whatever they want against each other in a controlled atmosphere. Learning the basics of full-contact fighting. Rules always apply during this session. The students practice sparring and learn how to fight and defend themselves. In kumite, students learn how to create their own combinations and develop their own style of fighting in a controlled and supervised environment.

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