SEIREI KARATE (Pronounced; Say-Ray)

精 SEI - Vigor & Strength. 励 REI - Strive & Endeavor. 会 KAI - Organization.

"With True Vigor, Strive to Overcome"

Seirei Karate (aka Seirei-kai Karate) is traditional, authentic Japanese fighting karate. A practical and effective self-defense fighting system and a great source for mental and physical strength development. Seirei Karate is based on the styles of Kyokushin, Oyama Karate, Shotokan, and Seido Karate fused with Judo, creating a unique style of fighting and practical self-defense. Utilizing an arsenal of kicking, punching, and striking combinations, while incorporating grabs, take-downs and throws.

A discipline that concentrates heavily on practical fighting and street defensive techniques, Seirei Karate training is centered in the aspect of building physical and mental strength. The training of traditional Japanese/Okinawan weapons are also taught at the advanced stages of the Seirei Karate curriculum.

Seirei Karate is the learned and tried experience of Shihan Padron, whom sincerely believes in the True meaning and the path of the Ultimate Truth. Shihan Padron has maintained his passion for Kyokushin and Oyama Karate and the fundamental elements of his mentors, which shows through his teachings of Seirei Karate.

zen-ken: wsko logo

The ZEN-KEN/SEIKEN; The logo is a very important symbol to our organization. It is worn on the left sleeve of the Seireikai practitioners. The symbol represents what our karate has become today.

#1 The GLOBE represents that martial arts is for everyone, without bias in the world of Budo. #2 The SEIKEN (Fist) thrusts forward, representing an empty hand prepared for battle in the fight for justice. Each finger or knuckle of the fist represents the five disciplines that embody the Seireikai system (Kyokushin, Oyama, Seido, Shotokan, and Judo). #3 The GLOBE & Seiken are enclosed by the “ENZO” (Zen circle), symbolizing continuity of movement and mind. The ENZO is a also a symbol of yielding to the Fist, a reminder to the practitioner to keep from misguided actions through the martial arts. #4 The KANJI that is on the sides of the symbol says "LION", this is the spirit of Kancho-Shihan Padron, the founder of our discipline.