Our Mission is to provide excellent instruction in the martial arts. Our organization is family oriented and deeply connected to the surrounding communities through our relationships with local schools, recreation centers and residents. We aim to empower individuals, to discover and master themselves through the practice of martial arts passed down from our mentors. To provide training in a rich environment that is innovative and inspiring, integrating old and modern ideas. We aim to build self esteem and confidence within our members and to become contributing individuals to the community.


ABOUT padron dojo

Padron Dojo is a martial arts school with 40+ years in the making. Offering lessons in Seireikai Karate, authentic Japanese karate style based on the training of Kyokushin karate, Oyama karate and Judo techniques, forming a practical and effective system of self-defense. Padron Dojo was established by chief instructor and former full-contact kyokushin karate fighter, Kaicho Benalio "Leo" Padron.

Classes are structured for ages 4 to adult and for all skill and fitness levels. The training that you and your family will receive from Kancho Padron and his staff will enable you to gain self-confidence and self-esteem through martial arts training. Coordination, speed, flexibility and strength, as well as gaining stamina and burning calories through the physical training of martial arts.

Under the guidance of experienced instructors, you will be taught the basic to advanced techniques of Seireikai Karate in full-contact fighting strategies to achieve your goals physically and mentally. The training that you will recieve can propel and improve your life style and increase your physical skill level as you learn to challenge yourself and reach beyond your limits to overcome obstacles.

If you are interested in learning this exciting martial art or any of our customized programs, please contact us to schedule for free trial classes or to observe the training. We look forward to training with you!